What do Wedding Planners Cost and How Do They Get Paid?


That is a great question.  Without trying to sound vague I will say, it is a bit of both.  Let me explain. Each planner sets their own fee, based on many things. I can tell you that if you hire a planner, they should be able to save you money, and if not the equivalent of their fee, the peace of mind they bring will cover the rest. For Instance, it all depends on the type of planner you hire.

There is the Travel Agent – Destination Wedding Planner.

These planners are not true wedding planners.  They are Travel Agents that sell our wedding to one of the Hotel Groups that they work with, as that is how they get paid.  They are paid a commission on the flights, and wedding package you select and the group booking for rooms for your guests, at the destination hotel.

There is the Certified; living local and working daily in the destination – Destination Wedding Planner

These Wedding Planners are truly creative and exited to help you build your destination wedding, as per your vision, and your budget.  They know and work with many of the best local vendors and know of the most amazing venues, first hand.  No because they were there once to tour, or on vacation.  We live here. PS – We also know what things should cost, not what you are told things costs in the resorts.

Lastly, there is the HUGE all-Inclusive resort – Destination Wedding Planner (who btw is almost never certified in wedding and event planning)

These Wedding Planners are employees in the resort or hotel.  They know the 3-6 package options well.  They can put together the wedding of your dreams in an instant.  HOW DO THEY DO THAT?  I will tell you.  They are able to do that because, they put the exact same dream wedding on weekly/daily and even sometimes twice in one day.  (Imagine being the lucky bride that gets to play “Who Wore It Best” on their wedding day. UGH!) The color choices change, the size and actual types of flowers change, but really….the music is different each wedding, but really, it’s the day thing, over, and over, and over.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think all weddings are beautiful!!  But we believe that your wedding shouldn’t be just any day.  We believe your wedding should be the most magical and memorable event, and we can make that happen in a private venue.  Like real moments, real ideas, and real people, your day should be about……YOU!

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