What is a destination micro wedding?

A destination micro wedding is any ceremony and/or reception with less than an average total guest, which would make it less than fifty.

So why would you want a micro wedding?  I guess the number one reason for most people to want a micro wedding is to save money.  The micro wedding is also a great idea for vow renewals. 

How much should a micro wedding cost?

As the idea of a micro wedding is to save cost and have a more intimate and still beautiful wedding. A micro wedding should costs anywhere from $1,500 for an elopement and reception combination with 12 or fewer guests to $10,000 for a full ceremony and reception with 50 or fewer guests. 

Discover 33 of the best micro wedding ideas:

The concept of a smaller or micro wedding is to minimize size and cost, not creativity. There are ways to make sure that you get the best from your day.

Micro wedding ideas that pack a punch

As the micro wedding is smaller, and less costly, than a large event, you can possibly include a lot of extras and really make your wedding truly special for you and your guests.  Here are a couple of ideas.


Rather than a generic form of music, consider hiring a local band or one that fits into your favorite genre.

Family Dining

Save on the cost of extra tables and chairs for dinner and ensure all of your guests feel included by having have communal dinning.  Instead of many tables, set everyone at one long table and share bread baskets and serve food in large bowls to pass around the group. 


Alcohol or beverage choices

Rather than buy multiple types of beverage options for your guests to chose from, think abut having two or three speciality drinks only. This can be a lot of fun as well, with your naming the drinks to be the name of your favorite sports, family pets, or anything else that you both enjoy.  The guests will find it fun and you will keep your costs down.

One-of-a-kind venues

For your destination wedding, you and your planner can explore all the options and you can book something completely memorable.  Think outside the box and look at parks, cafes, waterfalls, mansions/villas or theater venues. These are often less vast so they will also be less costly and suit your event size better.

Don’t make the wedding take up the entire day

Think about having the ceremony in late morning and having a lunch, and social, rather than a large dinner/dance event.  Alternatively, you can push the ceremony back to evening.  We love the idea of serving dinner, and then having a ceremony over dessert and then a dance event after.  This makes your day shorter and you will save on food, drink and DJ costs.

Décor can be simple and stunning

Lighting is key to setting a mood, so we want to keep the fairy lights and candles, if that is your vision.  Removing huge centerpieces and signage can save a lot of time and create a perfect clean and romantic backdrop for the event.

Exchange wedding favors for excursions

Rather than trying to travel with wedding favors, or relying on your local planner to shop for you, see if you can book a private group event like a shopping tour, or site seeing tour.  You will save on the excursion because it is a group booking and you are creating a memory.  You may want to even bring a local photographer to capture the event.

How sweet it is

Rather than a large cake that can be quite costly, think of doing a sweets table, or multi flavored cupcakes on a tier stand.  This not only keeps cost low, but allows for options so everyone can have something they enjoy.

Micro weddings for all seasons

The best part of a micro wedding is how truly special you can make it.  As it isn’t as vast and costly as hosting 150 people, you can do special touches throughout that really make your wedding unique and memorable.  For instance:

Make your micro wedding seasonal by adding those touches.  Maybe lap blankets for a winter wedding, or fresh and in season local spring flowers to bouquets.  Maybe you have the family meal as a turkey dinner if your wedding date is around Christmas or Thanksgiving.  Have a Halloween costume event for October or even think entertainment in the form of an Easter egg hunt.   There are so many options.

Simple themes keep the focus on you and your guests.

From backyard BBQ themes, to beach weddings.  From eco friendly options to remote wilderness and everything in between.  You have options and a micro wedding should be one of them.

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