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Known as the spice island, Grenada is made up of a three island state consisting of: Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique. Grenada is the largest of the three and contains several spectacular waterfalls.

Grenada has more than 45 beaches full of adventure, snorkeling, or just relaxing, and all beaches are public.  That means the area, it is open for all to enjoy. Grenada has everything that couples want in a destination.

From turquoise water lapping on white and black sand beaches, to harbors scented with unbelievable tropical plants. Grenada is renowned throughout the world as one of the most peaceful and idyllic spots for a wedding or simply to just escape. Sample spicy flavors, groove to the beat of local Calypso and Reggae rhythms and this exotic paradise

Tate the Tipples of the River Antoine Rum Distillery

The longest continuously running rum distillery in the entire of the Caribbean region remains one of the most fascinating attractions on the Spice Isle as a whole. Drawing both history buffs and booze lovers, it can be found between the fields of Saint Patrick in the north.

Today, the original distillery buildings from the 18th century are age-stained and half-ruined, but the same machinery used to crush and refine the sugarcane all those years ago is still in use, from the creaking water wheel (powered with the waters of the River Antoine) to the timber conveyer belts that transport the sugar crops straight from the field.

Fort Frederick

Still standing like a limpet on the top of Richmond Hill, just a stone’s throw back from the capital at St George’s is Fort Frederick. With more than 250 years of history coalescing between its stony walls and cannon-ready crenulations, Fort Frederick has its feet firmly placed in the high ages of Grenada’s colonial past. It’s most certainly the best-preserved example of a European fortification on the island

The Underwater Sculpture Park

One of the most unique attractions on the island of Grenada, and best viewed as a diver the Underwater Sculpture Park can be found below the Caribbean waves, rising in an eerie and haunting array of human effigies and carvings from the sand-bottomed seabed of Molière Bay.

The exhibition includes life-sized human figures and still life objects, evoking themes like the Cuban Revolution, modern ennui and the life of an artist to name just three.

Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls

At a whopping 21 meters in height, the Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls are the tallest of their kind on the Spice Isle as a whole. The Waterfalls can be found forever crashing over a cliff of carved and mossy rock in the middle of the rainforests around Grenville.

Travel Documents

A passport valid at least six months on entry with one blank visa page. Hold proof of onward/return flights.

A passport valid at least six months on entry with one blank visa page. Hold proof of onward/return flights.

Marriage Requirements

General Info:
Valid passports.
Birth certificates.

Proof of Single Status via affidavit, or a letter on an official letterhead attesting that the individual has not been previously married.
Parental consent is required in the form of an affidavit if either party is under the age of 21.

Application: Must be completed in person
Notice Period: None
Residency Period: 3 days
Waiting Period: Minimum 2 days
Language: English

Fees (US Dollars)


English is the official language of Grenada


The Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$) is the local currency in Grenada. It is advisable to exchange currency at the banks, as the most favorable exchange rates may not be obtained elsewhere. Many establishments will accept payments in US Dollars with change being given in local currency.

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