How to create the biggest wow factors for your guests!

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Written by Wendy Wharton

How to create the biggest wow factors for your guests!

Hangover Kits

There are always those people that you can count on to need to have a little help getting over the hangover the following day.  Some people may even surprise you, so we recommend that if you are going to throw the celebration of the year, you take good care of your guests during and then the next day when it matters most.  Giving a hangover recovery gift bag is a fun and wonderful surprise.  So, what should you put in the bag?  Here are a few ideas.

  • Bottled water. You can even go so far as to make labels for the water bottles if you are crafty.  We all know that your guests will be grateful for the hydration.
  • Advil – Make sure you get the small travel packages and include Advil in each guest’s bag to chase away the headache.
  • Breath Mints – These will help with that morning after breath and help your guests to feel fresh the next morning.
  • Hydrating Facial Mask – this is a great way to help reduce those puffy eyes and wake up the complexion on those that are feeling a little under the weather.
  • Complimentary massages for the morning after – what could be better than to enjoy a massage while you relax and think about all the fun you had last night.
  • There are so many other options, and your imagination is the only limit. Have fun and know that your guests will be eternally grateful.

Glow Sticks

While glow sticks might not be a perfect pairing for every wedding, they can add a lot of fun and amazing photos for those that are not hosting a black-tie event.  If your wedding is more fun and family, then sophistication, make sure to include glow sticks to the dance portion of the event, and watch the fun.

Glow sticks can be bought in any size, but we recommend getting the small ones that can be worn around the wrists or connected to form necklaces, etc.  The imagine is the limit with what your guests will do with the sticks and make sure your photographer is there to capture the silly shenanigans.  Maybe you can use the glow sticks in the send off photo, with all the guests standing around the couple with the glow sticks, or even do some glow writing in the night sky.

Kids Stuff

If you are planning an adult only wedding, this may not be of interest, but for most people, children are included and this means making sure they have a fun time and they are kept entertained so the parents can enjoy the wedding.  Here are some ideas to help you accomplish this.

  • Create a special seating section for the children so that they have a place to be silly and have fun and enjoy the day, a little away from the adults. Creating an area for them, with smaller tables and chairs, room to move without bumping into people, and décor.
  • Party bags for the children are fun and can make them feel very included in the day. Adding things like colouring books, crayons, small puzzles, and bubble mix, if it is an out-door wedding can be ideal.
  • Special kid friendly menu items. Let’s face it, most children are not super excited with filet mignon and smoked salmon.  In order to have less fighting about what they will eat, so maybe ensure that there are tried and true kid friendly foods, just for the kids.  Pizza is always a favorite, or burgers, and hotdogs.  This will prevent the parents from having to find something to feed the children a little later, when they are hungry again because they didn’t eat much of the dinner offered.
  • Hire a babysitter. This is something that the parents will really enjoy and have them talking for months or years to come.  The babysitter, can either attend the wedding and sit with the children during dinner and speeches, or maybe the babysitter takes the kids to one room in the hotel, where the guests are staying and watches them there.  Whatever is most comfortable for the parents is best.  The babysitter attending the wedding can help the children wash up before and after dinner.  Make sure they get enough to eat and make sure they enjoy their time with things like balloon art or face painting.  The sky is the limit.

When the dogs get to barking

Are you having a beach wedding, or maybe one in a magical garden?  We all know that todays weddings are no longer set in some tired ceremony site, that everyone has been to for years.  Weddings now happen anywhere and everywhere that can be imagined.  Having that special one-of-a-kind day is the most important thing for millennials, that are well practised in being their own person.  So, what to wear and how can you help your guests to be comfortable?  We recommend having a shoe station for guests to remove their shoes before entering the beach area, and avoid them being full of sand.  Something as easy as a chair and a basket of flip flips, possibly monogramed with the couple’s names, is a great way to make your guests feel like you thought of them.  After the ceremony, guests can return to put on their shoes and not have sandy socks. 

Another great use is to bring the flip flops up close to the dance area and as the night wears on, and peoples feet get sore from dancing, they can again choose to wear something more comfortable and continue to celebrate the night away. 

It is considered to be a nice gesture and even a bit of a favor to feed those that have stayed and played way late into the night.  Drinking and dancing can create an appetite and it is nice to offer your guests a way to soak up some of the alcohol. 

You can do something stylish and fancy, and have it catered, or you can host a late-night pizza party.  Ordering ahead and setting a delivery time, means no one has to stop and miss the fun while the order is placed.  Make sure to get something for all tastes and even a vegetable options and gluten free when possible.

Other than pizza there is always a late-night food truck experience.  Pick a truck that offers burgers and dogs and French fries, and watch the guests revel in their snack as the night dwindles away.  Your guests will thank you and be talking about this for years to come.


The day is almost done.  It has been a whirlwind of laughter, hugs, food and drink.  The faces are all sweaty and flushed from dancing and you just don’t want the night to end.  We get that.  This would be a perfect time for fireworks.  Why not go out on a bang of colors and lights and all of the wonder that fireworks bring?  We can do either silent or traditional and it just leaves everyone wanting more, which is the best way to end your day.

Placeholders and Photo Seating Charts

More and more we are seeing some great new and exciting ways to make seating arrangements a bit more personal and interesting.  One of the best ideas we have seen is the use of pictures of your guests as opposed to just using their names.  The best thing about this type of seating chart is that you can surprise your guests with their picture.  With social media being so popular now, you likely can find pictures of your guests off their Facebook or Instagram profiles and either print them at home or take them to any photo printing place to have them printed.  You even can decide if you want to go with pictures of your guests that are classy or maybe you find photos on their sites that are silly and funny and use them.  You even can turn it into a fun game when you get people to explain the story behind the funny photo. 

If you go this route, you can even make it a party favor, by buying small and inexpensive frames at a dollar store and allowing the guests to take their picture home at the end of the night.

Party Games

While we are meeting with Client’s we try to help them to grow their theme, if they already have one, or create a theme if they don’t have an idea for one.  Themes can make the event so much more special as they will help your guests know how to dress to attend, and what to expect.  They also can add a layer of fun with regards to entertainment for your guests while you are busy with photos, or for times they just need to take a break from the dance floor.

Imagine hosting a Vegas Theme and having an area where your guests can go and play a bit of poker.  Or maybe your theme is an out-door garden party, and you can line up an area for lawn darts, horse shoes, or even a large game of shuffle board. 

Keeping your guests entertained the entire day can be a challenge and adding games can make it memorable and exciting, especially for the winners.


iPad Guest Book

Guest books are one of those wedding items that everyone wants to change up.  I often hear from couples asking for new and exciting ideas for the guest book.  Being in the destination wedding industry we often hear people that express the need for something more exciting than just a book, plus they have the need to keep the size of such an item down, since they will have to transport it home when they leave the destination.  One of the best ideas we have seen lately is an iPad guest book. This idea is simple and it will be one of the most valuable pieces for the bride and groom for years to come.  All you need is table, and iPad, and a spot a little way off the beaten track that is a bit quieter, than next to the band.  Place the iPad and instructions on the table and let the fun begin.  Guests can video a message to the happy couple.  This can be marital advice, a poem, a story or just a heartfelt well wish.  In years to come the couple can view these videos and reminisce about just how amazing their wedding was and who all attended. Even better, you can share this with all of your guests by compiling all the messages into a video, and putting it on U tube.

Of course, we love to hear your ideas, so please feel free to send in other ways to wow your guests and make your wedding the most memorable event.  These and other ideas like them fit perfectly into any size wedding but we find they are best suited for the Microwedding.


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