After the Wedding – 5 Things That Real Couples Regret!

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Written by Wendy Wharton

After the Wedding -5 Things That Real Couples Regret!

As the owner of Destination Dream Weddings Inc. with multiple locations globally, you could expect that we have seen it all. From bouquets that almost didn’t show up for the ceremony, to a wedding dress that was wrinkled in travel, and the fabric steamer we had, broke, and then the second steamer broke! From people in the wedding party high-jacking the wedding time, by 45 minutes, to couples that didn’t want to pay for their wedding

Yes, I would think you could say, we feel like we have seen it all. With all of this experience and after all the weddings, including my own, here are my top five regrets that couples have after their wedding.

Worrying about all the little details and stressing before the wedding.

Yes, there are a million little moving parts to a wedding and all are important, but none are worth losing your sanity over. Over the years, and weddings we have done, I would guess the number to be around 95% of couples that said that they either didn’t notice the small things that went wrong, or they did but it didn’t ruin the day for them.

In a perfect world, nothing would ever go wrong, but with so many details, sometimes things do tend to run late, or the weather doesn’t cooperate, but so long as you remember that your life is about the marriage, and not only the one day it rained, you will not be disappointed.

Drinking too much

We can think of no better reason to celebrate than a wedding. The idea of watching two people joining their lives together in love is something we need more of in this world, but the celebration needs to be managed. 

Waking up the next day feeling like you got hit by a bus is 100% fine, especially when you host a destination wedding with all of your favorite people around you, but be cautious that the celebrating doesn’t ruin the day.

Getting too tipsy to walk down the aisle not only ruins the day but it also can make your married void. 

In many destinations, you need to be sober and not under the influence to agree to the marriage. Also, this is a big disappointment for so many couples that get swept away, as the next day they can’t always remember all the moments. 

The wedding is one day in a life-time and hopefully, you only get one. You spend a lot of time and money on your wedding day, and to have it blocked out of your memory is heartbreaking.

Not taking small breaks in the day to connect and be in the moment together.

You will hear this a million times. “Enjoy the day as it is busy and goes by in a flash.” And this is completely true and one of the biggest regrets for couples after the wedding. Between following a jam-packed itinerary, trying to spend time with the guests, and managing the day, it can all be a very big and expensive blur. 

This is one of the best reasons to hire a wedding planner, as we will build time into the day to steal you away for a few moments to connect and we are front and center when it comes to managing your day so you don’t have too. For tips and tricks on how to select the best planner for you, check out our blog on the topic.

Not hiring a videographer to capture the day.

Almost everyone hires a photographer to capture the day’s events. If you don’t have to hire one because your best friend is a photographer and is gifting you your photos, that is wonderful! But we want to be sure to mention how important video has become. 

Almost all couples we work with now, see the value in hiring a videographer to capture the sites and sounds and feel of the day. With drones and other special inclusions available, it is the perfect way to make sure you remember every detail. If you aren’t hiring a videographer, be sure you know this is a big decision and that you don’t live to regret it in time.

Letting others influence them on wedding day details.

 This is by far the number one regret that we see. We have even had couples that hire us so that we can stand with them on their decisions against well-meaning family and friends.

Making sure that your wedding is a representation of your love and your vision of the day is crucial. 

We love to do monthly planning with our clients where we learn about them and their lives, their family, and friends. 

We know you will regret having to invite someone you don’t want, which means adding expense. We also know that if your heart is set on a beach wedding, you will always regret getting married in your parent’s backyard. We feel so strongly that this extremely important day is all about you, that we will help you find solutions to compromise if you feel you must, or stand united with you in your choices and help you to show others why this is so important to you.

Yes, we do that too!

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