13 Reasons to Book a Private & Personal Destination Wedding


  1. Can be made to fit almost every budget.
  2. Makes the day truly special and the wedding couple is entire focus.
  3. Turns a one-day wedding into a vacation by making memories with friends and family for the entire length of your stay. You can all stay in one or two amazing mansions, or rent one for the wedding party and have hotels close by so guests can come daily to spend time at the mansion and enjoy the days together.
  4. Your wedding will truly be ”one-of-a-kind” just like your love.
  5. You control the entire wedding, and do not have to settle for the same 2 ceremony options as every couple that has gotten married there, and the same as every other couple that will get married there.
  6. You can stay in an all inclusive and enjoy an economic, family environment, with nightlife and activities, and let us whisk you all away for a dream wedding experience of just your guests and then bring you back to the hotel after the most magical day for everyone. You get the best of both worlds.
  7. Can help keep the costs down if you have a more modest budget.
  8. The private options put you in a honeymoon destination and the couple or the guests can move hotel’s/vacation rentals, which allows the couple to spend the next part of the vacation alone.
  9. Destination Dream Weddings planners live locally in your destination. They know how everything works, they are a part of their community and can use that knowledge and their skills to negotiate best prices and options for your day.
  10. All meetings are done around your schedule and online. That’s right, we offer monthly planning meetings with you to share ideas and really learn what you want. Little-by-little we build your destination dream wedding together.
  11. Easy payment schedule so you can save while we plan. Budget Management as well tips and tricks to help you cut costs.
  12. No outside Vendor fees, you can bring your photographer or DJ, etc. if you like, or we will gladly recommend some for you, based on venue, and budget.
  13. Choices, Choices, Choices!!


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