How you spend your time around your wedding in Cuba is up to you.  Sun-bathing on picturesque beaches, cooling off in crystal clear waters, enjoying a sweet and tangy mojito by the pool, or dancing the night away to sizzling salsa rhythms, Cuba offers relaxation, fun, adventure, and amazement.

While planning your wedding, chose from venues, like beach, garden, church or chapel and add as much tropical island feel, or as little as you like.  Chose also from historical buildings, resorts and so many options to truly make your wedding day special and unique.

Old Havana

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Habana Vieja or Old Havana is a well-preserved slice of Cuban history. Strolling around the cobbled streets and gazing up at the grand Baroque and neoclassical buildings, it’s easy to imagine what life in Cuba was like 200 years ago.


Varadero is one of Cuba’s most famous beach destinations, and home to one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. It stretches along the Peninsula de Hicacos, which juts into the sea off the north coast.  Offering so many fun and interesting things to do, like diving and snorkeling, are deep-sea fishing, golf, skydiving, and day trips to cultural attractions.

Parque Nacional Vinales

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Parque Nacional Vinales is a beautiful, valley in the Sierra de los Organos. Steep limestone hills, called mogotes, slice through the valleys, creating a dramatic landscape.

The valley floors in the Parque Nacional Vinales are agricultural areas where tobacco, fruit, and vegetables are grown. For outdoor enthusiasts, the park offers fantastic hiking and horseback riding in the hills.

All travelers to Cuba must possess a valid passport, a return ticket, travel insurance policy with medical coverage, and a visa or tourist visa. 

Marriage Requirements

General Info: All weddings in Cuba are performed by a Notary Public.

A valid passport, a tourist card, and certified birth certificates.
Legally translated documents by the Cuban consulate in Canada.
2nd Weddings: Proof of divorce or death certificate is required.

The couple must create a sheet that lists their names, addresses, occupations, levels of education, nationality and the full names of their parents (living or deceased). Then, they must attach the photo page of their passport. The couple then is required to fax the documents in both English and Spanish to the hotel in Cuba in which they are staying at least three weeks before your arrival there.

Application: Must be completed in person
Notice Period: None
Waiting Period: None
Language: Spanish

Fees (US Dollars)


Cuban Spanish and Haitian Creole are the two most widely spoken languages of this vibrant island nation.


Since January 1, 2021 there is no longer a dual currency system in Cuba. The CUC was eliminated as part of Cuba’s monetary reform. The Cuban Peso (CUP) is now the only official Cuban currency.

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