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Written by Wendy Wharton

We love looking ahead and seeing what the new trends are. We have compiled data from the latest fashion reports, floral trends and décor specialists and we bringing all of that information here to you in one concise article, for the 2020-2021 hot list you don’t want to miss.

The TRENDS 2021

Personalization is a big item in the new trends for 2021.  With all weddings being personal there is a real push to adding more than just a twist of personality.  From the food options, to the fashion and even the venues, Couples are bringing a whole new element of personalization to their day.


Venue selections and size of the gathering is really seeing a change from days past, with many couples opting away from inviting every relation and friend to a smaller and more intimate gathering in a private setting.  Having only the nearest and closest people around you and in a private setting like a rented Mansion, Luxurious Villa, Stylish Restaurant or any number of other remote and off the beaten path options.  The sky is the limit and the cost of the venue is offset with the smaller guest list.

These intimate celebrations are averaging around 40 people than are really allowing the couple to shine on their day, with their tastes and styles as the focus. Having less of an overall headcount means the couple can spend more time with each guest, which makes it wonderfully personal.

With regards to customs and ceremony, expect a blend of modern ideas with traditional ideals for a memorable and exciting, unique experience for all.

BIG and beautiful

While the trend is shifting to a smaller guest list count, we are seeing a huge swing toward oversize décor options and bold signage and ideas.  The feel of grand gestures such as silent fireworks. large floral arrangements, giant balloons and entertainment will make your guest feel they have entered a magic world of love.

Simple and functional fashion

Vogue followers will know that wedding dresses with pockets are topping the list of the hottest bridal fashion for this year. Pockets allow us the usability and style we all want.  The practical purpose of storage, think tissues, wedding vows, a cell phone makes this fashion trend a smart choice and this explains why we see the sale of pocket gowns increase by 83 per cent in just the first half of the year. As such, online searches for gowns with pockets saw an increase of 83 per cent in the first half of the year.

Still in keeping with Meghan Markle’s trend setting simple and beautiful wedding gown, and long and feminine veil we can expect to see similar looks to follow us from now and into the new year. Also, thanks to Ms. Markle we see sleeves stay in style on long and flowing gowns.  Remember that sleeves don’t have to mean coverage and are being paired with backless style or plunging necklines to create a sexy and formal look for todays Brides.

ECO is the way to go

With environmental issues at the top of everyone’s mind, we are seeing a shift to eco friendly options and offerings for all events.

Private venues are now offering more options to alter the environmental impact of the celebrations by recycling waste, using less packaging and allowing the natural settling serve as a big percentage of the décor.  Couples are moving away from plastic service options and more foliage is being used to set the tone and bring the outside in.  We are also seeing more use of locally grown, farm to table menus and couples donating extra meals and florals to charities after the event.


Equally as important as music, lighting plays a huge part in setting the mood for any gathering.  The trend toward a focus on lighting is not really a surprise but the options are.  From bare bulbs, to colored lights, neon, and chandeliers from days of your, the only thing that isn’t trending in lights, is the lack thereof.

Make sure to add your lighting everywhere, from walkways, to signage and even in the pool.  This is a trend we are glad to see making its mark.

Cutting out the cake

As a whole the cake has been pushed away for a while, in lieu of a sweets table or candy buffet.  Gone are the days of cake cuttings and the tradition around it.  So what if you don’t want the sweets table?  Think Cheese.

Many couples are opting to replace the cake with cheese boards, dates, breads and rolls and crackers.  This can double as a late snack as well and is often more desirable to guests after a few drinks than a sweet an d sugary snack.

If you are still wanting to add a touch of sweetness, think along the lines of local fruit trays, and cupcakes or even cookies.  This will spare your budget and excite your guests.

Your Day, Your way

At the end of the day, remember that this is your day.  Trends are fun and can offer a lot of ideas, but the most important trend to follow is the one that allows you to put your personal stamp on your day and really make it something that your guests will remember.

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