Planning an AMAZING Same Sex Destination Wedding!

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Written by Wendy Wharton

Planning and AMAZING Same Sex Destination Wedding

At Destination Dream Weddings, love is love.  We celebrate all love and we know that weddings for same sex couples are extremely similar to any wedding, but there are some differences.  Having taken the 14 stories certification, we are comfortable to deal with all weddings, so let’s break out the differences and make every wedding the very best one yet!


Budgeting is the number one thing EVERY couple must do, to begin the planning process.  How can you plan a wedding if you have no idea how much you can or are willing to spend comfortably?  It would be no different if I told you to have me your cell phone and then get in the car and go from your house to the 7-11 in Houston Texas.  How could you even begin to accomplish your goal?  Make sure to sit together and include your parents and any family members that are contributing to the wedding. Figure out who will pay for what while you are at it, and this will not only ensure you will have money left over after the wedding, but also it will help to avoid any stepped on toes, feelings of being left out, or payers feeling they can control the whole wedding because they are making a contribution to the cost.  Don’t laugh, this happens more than you can imagine.

Set the plan, and then follow the plan and your wedding will be exactly the social event you’re are planning it to be.

Creating Your Guest List

Creating the guest list, is almost always a bit of a stressful time.  Figuring out who to invite, who to leave out.  Who may want to attend but can’t, who may come if invited, but you would rather they didn’t.  There are always so many relationships that factor into who attend a wedding, and yours will not be any different.  Once you create the guest list, you can then see how many you can actually afford to invite, and adjust your guest list from the bottom up.

Hiring the Best Venues & Vendors

Hiring the best Venue and Vendors can be difficult at best for any couple.  Making sure that you’re Venues and Vendors understand your vision of the day and your needs and wants takes a bit of time and many questions. Selecting the people that will surround you and hold up the day is one of the best parts of wedding planning, and the most exciting. Seeing your vision take hold and grow is exhilarating, and this is where all the small details will take shape. Unfortunately, there will be obstacles and some of them maybe the beliefs of some businesses in the industry. Even though it is illegal in many countries to refuse service, based on prejudice, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  We hear about it from many clients, in many countries.  Don’t sweat it.  More and more vendors are evolving to realize that when you are in the business of love, love conquers all.  Vendors and Venues that are still holding onto crazy beliefs are not your vendors, nor would you want them to be.  Ensuring that your Venue and Vendors, and their staff celebrate all love is crucial.  Make sure to read reviews and check on reputable sites like Equally Wed, Etc. to find the right vendors for your special day.

Making the Event about You and Your Love.

Now to begin the fun!! But where to start?  At the engagement party, or the Rooster and Hen Parties. (You can have 2 of each if you like, this is your wedding)  The rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the after brunch.  Oh, don’t forget also, the excursions.  Weddings are a pile of fun and with so many events to plan around the big day, there is no way you will be bored. 

Skip traditions, or bend them to suit yourselves.  Love and Weddings have never been more malleable. Create new traditions, like the first kiss, last kiss idea. – This is done, with having your parents, (who gave you your first kisses) give you a kiss on the cheek before the ceremony, as a blessing before you start a new family out on your own, instead of having one of your parents walking you down the aisle.


Will You Have a Civil Ceremony or a Symbolic Ceremony?

One of the most exciting parts of planning your same-sex destination wedding, can also, unfortunately turn out to be one of the most, heart hurting chores as there are still many countries in the world that do not recognize the beauty of love, in whatever its form.  You can check here to see which countries are full of open-minded and welcoming people and laws. 

If your budget and vision of the day draw you to a destination that has not legalized all love, you can always do a Symbolic ceremony in destination and the legal part at home, or another country that allows for same-sex wedding ceremonies.  This is an attractive option for all couples, no matter their sexual orientation or gender.  Getting legally married in your home city and therefore avoiding the paperwork, stress, and time of going through all the steps, not to mention quite a bit of money in most countries, to make the ceremony legal.  Your guests do not need to know the ceremony they are attending in destination, is not real.  It will look almost exactly the same.  You two can have a secret anniversary every year, on our real wedding date.

Making an Exit

After all of the love, the laughter, tears, music, dancing, cake and hugs, it will be time to make your escape.  Even if you are not really formally leaving, the exit is a great photo op and a lot of fun.  It can also signal the end of the formal parts of the day and everyone can unbutton collars and, kick off their shoes and enjoy the evening. Maybe even changing into less formal attire if the destination is tropical and humid.

Making a grand exit is like setting off fireworks, after the fireworks.  One last blast of well wishes.  Some great ideas for exits are:

Sparklers – I am sure you have seen the pictures before of couples holding hands and, with bent over movement, make their way under a arch of sparklers.  This is fun and can turn out really nice in the photos and video.  It will also allow you to later see your guests all watching you and their expressions.  Priceless!  

Ribbon Wands – Ribbon wands are a great idea for a send-off.  They are able to be home-made, purchased, come in every color and length and the guests can keep the wand as a party favor.  The other great part about the ribbon wand, is it is recyclable and therefor environmentally smart.

Bubbles – Everyone loves bubbles, and a bubble exit is a fantastic way to really make it fun for all, especially the children at your wedding.  Bubble make the scene look mystical and, Hindu belief says that bubbles signify relaxation, peace and good fortune. A bubble has no noise till it exists and thus, it also indicates silence.


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