How to select the best Venue for your wedding or event

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Written by Wendy Wharton

Wedding Venues – How to select the best Venue for your wedding or event.


 So, your partner finally asked the big question.  On bended knee, they asked you for your hand in marriage and for you to be theirs forever.  Well, maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that, maybe you asked them?  Whatever the situation is, you are now getting married and have to find the most ideal, venue.  Now, choosing the right venue is as important as what dress you wear, and now the options are fun and exciting.

In 2017, the Knot reported that the average number of weddings that a person will attend annually, is 2.  The last thing you want is to be just another wedding to attend, am I right? So, how do we wow them?

Picking the right destination venue is paramount for the success of your wedding, and the following tips will help you get it right.


  • How to choose – Consider the time of year first and foremost.   If the first thing you notice about your venue is the amazing scenery and view, you may not consider this the best option.  If your wedding is in December, and in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, make sure to pick the venue that will reflect your taste and décor needs, the season and something that works with your theme, think a castle, if your theme is Cinderella. If you don’t have a theme, pick something that speaks to you.  Most themes can be accomplished in a unique venue.


  • What does your venue offer you? Is it just the space and you must hire all vendors to arrange the day, and are you up for the task?  If not, and you still love the venue, we recommend that you hire a wedding planner to help with the details of hiring the right people, within your budget and taste.  Maybe your venue only allows use if you use their kitchen and caterers, and bar staff.  This is common and can be beneficial as these people know the venue well and will be a great asset. Find out what is included and things like, if you are able to have candle. Some places do not allow open fire due to fire regulations.  Also, see if they will provide the dishes for dinner service, based on your head count.  This can be another great cost savings, if they do.


  • Where are your guests coming to the wedding from? Will one side of the family have to travel further than the others?  In destination weddings, often a big part of why the couple chooses a destination is due to making the travel fair for both sides.


  • How far is it between the ceremony location and the reception space? This is one of the biggest considerations, as you will want to try to limit the distance so the guests feel like they are a part of the whole day and don’t spend too much of it driving.  Also, remember to arrange for transportation for guests to leave after the evening ends if you are serving alcohol.


  • Does the venue you selected have too much space or not enough? One critical consideration will be the venue size.  If you are having an intimate event with 25 of your closest friends and family, you will not need an entire banquet hall.  In renting something so large, you are ensuring that either the place looks empty and uninviting or that you must spend a lot more on décor to try to fill the space and make it warm and inviting.


  • If the wedding is to be an outdoor affair, make sure you have a plan B for rain and inclement weather, and also that it is easy to find, with markings or signs so your guests can find it easily.


  • The last consideration is one that is often over looked, but it can be the one thing that changes your wedding or special event into the biggest disaster. We are talking about bathrooms.  Now most hotels and resorts have plenty, but if you are one of the new couples that is refusing to have your day in a boring and over-done hotel, you will need to make sure that the Villa/Mansion, restaurant, attraction or boutique hotel has enough bathrooms to accommodate your guests comfortably.  No one likes waiting in line for long and it can ruin the fun.  Consider that you have at least 2 washrooms, plus sinks for hand washing, for every 40 people.  If serving alcohol, you should increase it to 4. Portable toilets are available to rent almost everywhere and are serviced.


  • Lastly, make sure there is a place for the Couple to prepare for the ceremony, and have time to connect through the day, apart from their guests. The day can be so busy and full and it is important to allow the couple moments to connect and enjoy it together.

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