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Written by Wendy Wharton

Unique Wedding Venues


Are you someone that hates the ordinary things in life?  Do you cringe when people talk about weddings or special events thinking, “Ugh, I wonder how long I will have to stay, or maybe I can get out of going at all?”  Well, come sit beside me then, as we are two of a kind.

I have always love original and different.  I was never one to wear what was popular or eat what everyone else wanted.  I live in a world that is not about being extra, but more about being unique. I love odd shapes and odd numbers and most especially different event spaces.

So why is the banquet room in the nearest Holiday Inn, not for me?  Because I have been there and done that, to death.  Everyone else has too, in case you hadn’t heard.  No one wants to go see the exact same set up, only the color now being red, for your theme and not green, which is the theme after yours.

We all want our special day to be magical and to be talked about for years to come.  Let’s find some budget friendly, private, amazing options that do not include a rectangle room or a gazebo on the beach.

  • Villa or Private rental.  With the arrival of businesses like Airbnb and VRBO, etc. the venue selection increased greatly, and now, more than ever, the world is your oyster with regards to finding the most unique and amazing venues for your wedding or special event. Having a wedding or event in some of these incredible homes makes your day, exclusive to only your guests for the day and also gives you so many options for ceremony space, reception area and you can often party until the cows come home, with no restrictions.


  • Boutique Hotels.  Boutique hotels are often over looked as a great option, but they shouldn’t be.  If you have 40 guests and you rent a 20-room boutique hotel, you will take over that hotel and make the entire space all about you.  This can be the best way to have all the wedding guests stay together in one space for the duration of the celebration.  The other great thing about these boutique hotels, is that what they lose in space, they make up in personal touches and often a more lenient set of rules for your day.  They are worth checking out.


  • Attractions.  Niagara Falls, Ocean World, the Grand Canyon, the Pyramids, etc.  Why do you have to only consider common options?  No one says you can’t get married on a Yacht, or in a cable car, maybe at the top of a mountain or falling out of an airplane? (we highly recommend you use a parachute in that case) Our point is, don’t forget that there are a million places that are truly unique and a good wedding planner can help you make any of them the ideal spot for your unforgettable day.


  • Museums, Art galleries, a barn, a park garden, so many spaces are waiting for you to come and say “I do” surrounded by your family and guests, not throngs of vacationers wandering by, as you start your lives together.


  • Restaurants.  Have you ever thought about renting out your favorite restaurant for your reception, and maybe for your ceremony as well if they have sufficient a space.  Restaurants are such a natural, but few people think to rent them.  You know the food will be good.  They have the staff already so you don’t have to hire, and you can often enjoy the perks of a house band or sound system as well.  So many savings in one spot and a truly remarkable event is complete when you leave and not when you clean up.


Your day is about you and your love, don’t ever let it be anything but exceptional!

Go big or go home, you decide!

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