The Best Day of the Week to Have Your Wedding?

The Best Day of the Week to Have Your Wedding
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Written by Wendy Wharton

The Best Day of the Week to Have Your Wedding?


I know that this is something that most people who are not planning a wedding, don’t even consider, but the day that you hold your wedding is significant and deserves some thought.

How do couples select their wedding day? 

First thing most couples do is sit down and write out any holidays that fall in the calendar year.  It good or bad, dependant on your situation to plan your wedding day on a long weekend or calendar holiday.  If some or many of your guests are coming from out of town, planning your wedding to fall on a long weekend, may help your traveling guests to spend more time and enjoy the event more.  Alternatively, many people have commitments for many calendar holidays, or long weekends and they may not attend.  The best thing to do is poll your invited guest to see what will work best for the majority.

Your next step is to write down any auspicious days and personal events.  Things like family birthdays, maternity due dates, if any of your guest are expecting, baptisms, etc.  The guests that already have planned events are very unlikely to change them for your wedding.  Once you have all those dates down, you can be sure you will make a decision that will stand the test of everyone wondering why you selected that date.

Should you plan a wedding for a week day?  That is another great question, that demands some thought and maneuvering.  For at home planned weddings, picking a weekday is a great way to save money and stress.  If you are living there and all of your guests are local as well, you can see about planning often on a Friday or Sunday.  As Saturday is typically the chosen date for most weddings, Venues and Venders may offer you a reduced rate, as they are less busy as well on weekdays.  Most any other day in the week is not a good choice if you are considering your guests.  Most will not be able to attend due to work, or ask for time off to attend the wedding.  This can lesson the number of guests that can attend.

When planning your wedding in a destination, feel free to pick any day of the week.  As all of the guest will have flown in with you, or at least the vast majority, they are there only for the wedding. You can get married on a Monday if you want and finally give Monday’s something for people to enjoy about them. If you are indeed planning a destination wedding, focus more on the time of year, for weather patterns that make it unfavorable to recommend travel.

The bottom line is, it is YOUR wedding day and you should select any day that make sense to you, But remember, you are the star of the party, but without the guests, there will no party.

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